which scanner will work with OCR?

Found 25th Jun 2010
I am looking to buy scanner: I need to scan books and then be able to edit the text: delete or add more information (will help me a lot with preparation to my lessons).

So which scanner shall I buy and what OCR software you will recommend to download?
Please I need your help.

Thank you

P.S. Ideally i want to buy 3in1 printer (epson??? - ink is cheaper)
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i have a brother all in one which is very cheap to run

most scanners come with software with OCR

however, may be easier to find books already converted such as on gigapedia or manybooks.net?

save a hell of a lot of time, scanning and OCR takes ages.
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what model of brother do you have?
and did it come with ocr software?
I use ]PDF-OCR software (which was available for FREE @ Giveawayoftheday last month) to edit scanned docs. Keep watching giveawayoftheday site as they repeat the free offers often.

However if you are looking for for an all-in-one printer, I would suggest Epson SX-215 for £43.49 delivered from ]Amazon. Judging from the reviews, this comes bundled with ]ABBYY software which does the job you are looking for. You can buy epson compatible inks very cheap. As I say always, don;t buy dirt cheap ones from fleabay, use reputed compatibles like jettec / inkrite etc. 7dayshop is a good place to look for compatible inks/

But as someone said, it takes a lot of time. OK for converting a few pages but to convert an entire book, it will take ages.
Any scanner can be used with OCR, the scanner itself doesn't matter.
It's the OCR program that does the real work.
Omnipage Pro is a very good (accurate) OCR program.

what model of brother do you have?and did it come with ocr software?

sorry for delay

it's a dcp135c, dunno if it has ocr software as i would never use it, but as other posters have said you can get other software.

very decent all in one though and inks are around £5 a full set or so
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Thanks guys.
so i can buy any all in one printer - propably need to look for scan resolution.
the thing is i need to scan lots of pages from the books - are there any ocr software that does the work faster?????
Also does it depend on the quality of the scanner - better image - easier to convert.....
Am I right????

A number of factors affect the speed of scanning:

1) You want a fast scanner.
2) Fast Computer (to do the processing for OCR)
3) Omnipage Pro is intended for bulk scanning
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A number of factors affect the speed of scanning:1) You want a fast … A number of factors affect the speed of scanning:1) You want a fast scanner.2) Fast Computer (to do the processing for OCR)3) Omnipage Pro is intended for bulk scanning

OK, Omnipage Pro then.......does it come with any of the scanners already?
or where shall i buy it or download it. Thank you
or maybe it won't be good for me as I only have laptops: Siemens Amilo and Vaio - I do not think they have strong and fast processor ;((((

You may not actually need the pro version, I just recommended that from previous experience.
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thanks for your advise
in the end as advised I bought Epson SX-215 for £43.49 from Amazon

the reviews sound good so I will give it a try
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