Which screws are used in the Donkey Kong Game & watch units?

Apologies in advance for the strange question! I purchased a Game and watch Nintendo Donkey Kong game from a boot sale. the double screen orange game from the 80s.
works fine but just noticed all the screws are missing! it still holds together but I'd rather get replacement screws and fix it.
have searched the net for a while but cannot find what screws I need to buy.
can any kind soul point me in the right direction. thanks


I'm sure it was tiny laptop screw type but post a pic it may have been security screws it had in.

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​thanks for the link. great tutorial but no info on the screws.

The ones in my game and watch are little self tappers that have a security bit head (looks almost triangular)

I can't remove them though as I don't have the bit to fit.

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thanks mate. may just leave it without the screws then.... it still works lol
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