Which SE to buy

    I like SE phones since owning the K800i im very happy with them, however lost with new phones now a days i have looked at the Satio but the phone seems massive to me so at this moment its between the Aino and the W995. Am i missing out on anything as i have seen the N97 Mini and it looks pretty good to me.

    my specs are really i just i want a good camera plus a phone that is realiable but i hate samsungs and not a fan of blackberrys


    well for camera its satio all the way
    It isnt all that big once ya get ya hands on it,
    The proper 16:9 widescreen is out of this world also!
    cant comment on ya other options as I went for the satio

    I've got a W995 and love it. Good camera, reliable so far and has no horrible touch screen so I'm very happy with it!

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    yes i agree its not all about Mp, I have previously had the K800i which was 3.2 and i thought the pictures with that phone came out very very well. im not a fan of touch screens either hence why i mentioned the Aino which seems like a new model. No one got anything to say about the mini n97
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