Which should I buy? All alone over Christmas, and need advice on which combo to buy.

    So I used to hook up my laptop to my big screen whenever I wanted to watch movies that I had on my hard drive. I've sold my lappie and don't need one for awhile, and think it would be stupid to buy one for just that purpose.

    I've got two options:

    1) Buy a hard drive and western digital media player. (Seagate 1tb hardrive and a Western Digital TV HD 1080i Mini Media Player) Total cost: £106.00

    2) Buy a media player with built in hardrive (Envizage 500GB Cyclone External Hard Drive Multi media Player) Total cost: £80.00

    Anyone ever used these Envizage type things before?

    I can see the advantage of spending the extra £26 to make sure I only have to move the hard drive and not the actual media player everytime I want to transfer some files.

    But this also leads to two points of failure?

    The space is not a huge issue to me.

    Any reccomendations?

    I havent included direct links on purpose as I dont want people to think I am spamming.

    Also, anyone know of any good deals for these products?


    I would go for the media player with the built in harddrive, just because if you want to transfer anything it will take some time, usb connections are not fast and pc to hard drive to media player is slower than pc to mediaplayer.
    Also you can always get a good media player and then go for a cheap small harddrive.

    Also don't get a 1080i media player - try to go for a 1080p or just 720p media player since I have heard the 1080i image is not as good as 1080p, I'm sure you can research about that and see that it's true :P!

    Anyways media player with built in hardrive would be my choice

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice.

    I was going that way anyway. You've got my vote.
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