Which site do you look in first when buying technology ?

    I am looking for more sites with good prices and a decent selection of tech goods

    my list right is currently.


    What's yours ?


    Slash;2321755 hehe

    Same here.


    Same here.

    Me too :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Slash;2321755 hehe

    But of course :thumbsup:
    I was asking more on the time when you need something specific not just looking for a deal, but after a specific model / brand.

    One thing that I normally do is look up, they have the hugest tech collection. They are US based, then all I do is find something I am interested in, check the US $ price, google the model number and add "buy UK" infront of it. Its a good way of seeing the closest price match to the $ price from New egg. Because "sometimes", you wont get ASUS, ACER, MSI and similar brands, which are producing good kit nowdays in ebuyer and the likes!!

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    I have almost finished work on a new price alerts site.
    I definitely add some of these, scan looks real promising !

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