Which Sky+ box to buy? My Thompson box appears broke... Heat I think

    Last few days, my Sky+ plus box has been unable to receive some channels. Today the picture froze up for a while then after a reboot (unplug/plug back in, several times now) it's refusing to admit the existence of any channels, reverts to "no satellite signal" after a while.

    - Thompson (DSI8210CS)
    - I put a 400GB drive in it, working perfectly well for years, lots of stuff on it
    - Does NOT have the PSU upgrade

    Two options come to mind:

    - Grab another identical box from ebay, fit my current drive (or Copy+ its contents to the barely-used identical drive in Dad's external USB backup drive & use that!!!)

    - Find out what the sensible HD box to buy is these days and buy that, lose my current programs (will *try* to copy of course but no great hope of success from a white box to an HD box)


    - What would you do?
    - Can you think of other options?
    - An HD box can be used on a non-HD account right?
    - Which model is the sensible HD box to buy?

    I'd love to go without for a few months and get bribed by Sky to come back but it's multi-room and the others wouldn't go for it

    Thanks in advance, I know I can get sensible answers here

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