Which store sells travel size sewing (needles and threads) kit?

Found 29th Oct 2008
It might be a stupid question but I'm a guy living by myself and need to try and sew a loose button back on a shirt. I want to find a travel size sewing kit that have needles and different colour threads and maybe one of those knife thing that is used to pick out the threads. I hope to just get it in town instead of buying it on ebay and don't really know where to look. Would these be available at maybe places like poundstore or maybe woolsworth?
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woolsworth id say!
A housewife it's called. Wilkinsons.
Superdrug maybe:? they do all the small travel wash stuff - worth a try
Ooh Tescos, £3.49 and full of stuff I have no idea what it is...... but included about 12 colours of cotton, a pack of needle, pins, a white pencil, scissors, tape measure and loads of these other weird looking things.
Had to get cotton and needle to sew my halloween outfit - wish I'd sent it to my mums instead!!

And yeah it's got a picky thing
thanks all. The tesco seems good but none near me so i'll check out poundland first. repped all
Your get one in your xmas cracker now!!!
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