Which Tablet Is Best for Furby?

Found 19th Jan 2014
Hi everyone

My daughter has just had a birthday. When we moved, we found an envelope with last year's birthday money is as well! And so she's decided she wants a Furby Boom.

She has some money spare, and so I had been toying with the idea of getting her a tablet to download the Furby app onto. She would only be using it for this, but the theory is that she might be able to use it for other stuff as she gets older (she's 7 at the mo and I'm quite cautious about internet safety, which is another thing I need to look into before i leave it with her for any amount of time, I guess..!)

I'm not up on tablets. I have seen on the Furby website that the tablet would need to be updated to Jellybean at the very least for the Furby app to work, which rules out the £35 ones on Amazon (they're still icecream sandwich).

We don;t want to spend a fortune though. I'm a bit flummoxed.

(Post kids' party too and so my brain isn't working at all. Totally spent.)

Thanks in advance for anyone who can shed some light on this for me!

Best wishes
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I'd think about getting a tesco HUDL. There are cheaper imported tablets, but they can be temperamental, and the customer service will likely be bad. If you have clubcard points, they can be redeemed for double their value I think.
Just make sure if you get an Android tablet it runs 4.3 as the furby link up does not work. bought a new tablet for my daughter at Xmas app works but the link to the furby boom does not not matter what I do. Been informed that needs to have 4.3 or higher firmware. works with my phone no problem.
i dont really want to give you advice on a tablet, but the app is a must if your getting a boom

my daughter has one and without the tablet app, it would be virtually useless
My daughter has a galaxy tab 2 7" that she is using with her boom , seems fine so far and she uses it for lots of other games also. Over Christmas the Galaxy tab 3 7" could be bought for around £80.
Check out ijt direct. I have had my arc his 101 g9 from there and also my son and also my husband has the g7 fantastic value
archos *
samsung galaxy tab 3 7inch would be your best best

solid tablets that run Android 4.3


I think maybe a first gen Nexus 7. Benefit being parent can have the main account in the Nexus (and it can be pin/password locked) and you can create additional accounts and limit what they can do. Think you would probably still need something for parental controls on the browser though.
my 9 yr old uses her furby with her kindle fire hd. she loves it.
One with a good speaker and microphone, since that is how it communicates with the furby
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