Posted 15th Aug 2022
sorry I never owned a smart timer plug before but I want one now.

basically I want to turn of the plug at 5pm and switch back on at 10.30pm then switch back off at 3am and switch back on at 11am. Which plugs can do this? I need two. Also will this work on plug boards? appreciate everyone's help 🙏

edit - can I someone control the timer on the app or it is controlled on the plug itself? thanks all
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    Don't need a smart plug to perform the function you mention.
    Masterplug-branded item shifted directly by Amazon at £5.79 each will perform to / exceed your stated requirements.
    No issue to control extension cables, assuming the cables are rated to total of whatever power will be drawn by the connected devices…AG/
    Thank I will get that then
    May I ask. Do I need to manually turn the knob everytime I want to set X time to turn off? If yes is there any plugs that don't do that? Manually turning the knob everyday is a hassle haha thanks again!! Just want to make sure
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    The current £3 smart plug from Poundland will do this - however you need to use an Android device to act as the timer interface. Of course a mechanical timer plug can achieve the same desired effect without additional infrastructure.
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    If its the same times each day and all 7 days a week, I'd recommend the mechanical ones. No faffing about with setting them up, and no worrying about whether they are still connected to the network or not if the wifi goes down. 'Set and forget' (edited)
    Once set the smart plugs don't 'need' the internet to run the schedule
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    Personally easier just to use cheapie tapo plugs. No messing with tiny pins etc. Can set exact minutes in the hour, or only set days etc. I use one for my ptopergator an grow lights in spring. Have the tablet, laptop charger etc on a extension cord that turns off overnight to save power.
    Also use one for Xmas lights.
    I rather get this tbf! So I can set everything on my app? I don't need to manually set it everyday? I can run it 24/7? Is this one the cheap tapo you are talking about?…Ehq
    Can I find cheaper? Thanks!
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    I use the tp-link kasa smart plugs and can work with your scenario. I prefer kasa over tapo but I think tapo can do that too. Fair prices and a lot of offers for both. Example from kasa app:
    15164334991660596449.jpg (edited)
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    You can get this for only 8.99 and you can set the timers from your phone from anywhere in the world. You can have it turn on and off every 2 mins if you wanted to. Ideal for when you go away on holiday
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    I'd say go for a big standard digital timer plug.... You can set several on/offs and doesn't need WiFi ... And will carry on working even after a power cut.
    All the big stores have them.
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    I use standard cheap smart plugs that I picked up from homebase 2 years ago for a quid each to run my Christmas lights. Buy smart plugs that work with alexa, then download the alexa app and set them as routines. Mine were "turn decorations on at 3pm" (for when the kids got home) then "turn decorations off at 10pm". This was for 4 plugs running different lights, but if you have a smart speaker you can also turn them on individually by asking it to turn on a set plug. Also comes with the bonus of if you have gone out and forgot to turn things off you can do it within your app.
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    I like the Kasa and Tapo smartplugs, use quite a few of these around the home.
    As well as timed events using routines with Alexa I also have mine setup to work with my Ring house alarm motion sensors to turn on\off with motion activity even outside of scheduled times.
    Has helped cutdown the phantom load on my power usage quite a bit.
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    The meross/Refoss plugs can do what you are after. You can create schedules in the app. For example, some of the schedules in my house include

    * Turn off desks at 6pm (means we finish work on time)
    * Turn off kids desks at bedtime
    * Turn off network printer after 30 minutes
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