Which Tom Tom

    Hope someone can help!!
    I'am looking to buy my OH a Tom Tom for his 30th In March, any ideas on the best one to get. So far general consensus is the Tom Tom One, he does a fair bit of driving for work, but would also like it to be portable (he has blue tooth on his phone)
    Any help would be appreciated!, bit out of my depth on this one!:-D


    What is your budget?
    Is he/you likely to go to Euro Land?
    Does it have to be a TomTom?

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    Have seen them for about £200, pref a Tom Tom, his mate has one and loves it!!, Halfords have agood deal on, not sure if I should buy it now or wait, his birthday is not until March.

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    Unlikely to be used abroad

    £179.90 plus £3.95 delivery from Tecno:-

    I think there is a 5% voucher somewhere for these. I'll have a look.
    I've recently bought something from Tecno.

    tecno5 - 5% off - but does not include all products, but worth a try.

    Here's the code:-
    Taken from here:-

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    Teco comes to £170.90 + p&p, bit confused, Dixons have two Tom Tom One's, can't really see the difference though, apart from one is more!!
    Do you think i should buy it now or wait?

    [SIZE=2]I've just tried it, the 5% discount reduced it by £9.00. P&P is added at the end.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]As for when to buy, ummmmm, that's a tricky one. If it was me I'd buy now, but March is a fair way off and you may find it cheaper later or it may go up in price.[/SIZE]

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    Ah decisions, decisions!!:oops:

    Go for the Tomtom one v2 regional shirley he won't be dissapointed, its the latest Tomtom and is a fantastic piece of kit...

    If you are planning to go abroad then go for the one in the green box, if you never go abroad then go for the one in the orange box...

    Good luck....:roll:

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    So the one in the orange box is the Tomtom one?, any ideas where the cheapest place is?

    PCWORLD are doing some great deals on these at the moment, not as cheap as they were over christmas but some good deals nonetheless...Check em out Shirl...;-)


    the reason you have two tomtom ones are one is for the uk and the more expensive one is for europe. i recently bought one for 160 inclulding delivery. i would suggest you buy the standard tomtom one which is good enough. i also suggest you wait tiill his birthday as prices have come down alot and will continue. i bought mine from currys but there are good deals at pc world and dixons and you could get it for under £150. additionally you could go for the tomtom 510 which is around £220 and includes a bigger screen and loud speaker for mobile via bluetooth

    hopefully that helps you

    I'd wait till nearer his birthday, prices are going to drop as a 'new' version Tomtom is due later this year to replace the 510,710 and 910.

    She's not after a 510 she's after a tomtom one which is probably the better tomtom out there at this moment in time and is far cheaper...Could you elaborate on this new model which is supposedly replacing the *10 series..

    As for prices coming down, they were down in the sales for christmas but they have all gone back up again to there normal prices..

    She never stated she was after any particular Tomtom, just the best one to get.
    Prices have gone back up because the sales for xmas are finishing and shops have stock and can still get more because it is still being produced.
    They'll probably replace them in Q4 this year so they wont announce until much later, otherwise it would damage sales of exisiting products. (remember the Tomtom version 1 and then no mention of an impending version 2?)

    Of course this is all industry rumours, but lets face it, they will be replaced at some point.
    As for prices going back up to pre xmas prices, I dont think so, the 910 was selling for £350ish and now can be had for £300 (was as low as £280 in the sales)

    The One is only better because it is cheaper, and if I was looking for a Satnav for sub £200 I would get it, but the *10 series are much better, just dearer. You get what you pay for.

    Personally I would wait, prices wont go any higher.

    I was flying out of Stanstead on the 29th December and Tomtom one was £137 in the Duty free Dixons. This didn't look like a special offer just their normal price so if you're flying soon or know anyone that will be might be worth picking one up there...

    The *10 series aren't better than the one's, believe me I own both and the routing algorythms on the *10 series leave a lot to be desired, the mount is crap and the bluetooth calling facility doesn't work the sound quality is rubbish..And the TMC feature has holes all over it...:roll:

    It was originally over £500 new but because it was a lemon from the off they have all been reduced because nobody wants them..:p

    As for the impending replacement I didn't think you would come up with the details..They will all be replaced at some point thats very obvious...:giggle:

    [SIZE=2]search the net an yea shall find.....[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]*10 series, a lemon? lol[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]The one is only more sucessful because it is cheaper. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]As for the *10 series being not better, get real man, the 910 has text to speach, giving street and road names in the voice navigation, a vast improvement over the one and 510/710. [/SIZE]

    I think its pretty obvious you don't own either as your knowledge is sadly lacking..And I don't need to look all over the net I own both....real as it is...Now thats my last word on the matter...:p ;-) :w00t:

    I do own one actually

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    Didn't mean to start a war!!
    Will probably go for the Tomton One, does the job, and just about in budget!!, pity I don't know someone who is off abroad!, still have a while to go before march, so will see what happens re prices!

    I got the tom tom one for my partner, its good she likes it

    As I said in an earlier post above, a new version Tomtom One with a new chipset and internal memory is in the pipeline.


    The *10 series will also recieve this chipset at a later date.

    Stick that up ya pipe and smoke it crazylegs


    ...snip... the mount is crap ...snip..

    Tomtom have been having trouble with windscreen docks so they are sending out new ones if you want. Just go to…ck/ and enter your serial number.

    I have the old 700 model and its been a dream full maps all the bluetooth stuff and its never let me down from when i brought it years back (:

    As they say the old stuffs the best stuff lol

    Seem kinda quiet Crazylegs?
    Guess you know you where wrong... should know better since you are a frequent visitor to PGPS site...

    Anyway here's more about the 'impending' new models


    The x10 range will be replaced with the x20, these will have a similar form factor to the existing One & Garmin units, but with wide screens. In addition they will all have Text to Speach along with built in TMC receiver, the harddisk will be dropped and replaced with solid state storage. They may also include the a builtin FM transmiter, and replace the screen mount.
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