Which Toshiba 37" LCD To Buy?

    Hi, Following previous advice, I'm going to dive in and get a Toshiba LCD TV. Dixons offering the 37XV555DB for £449 with voucher, or the 37RV555DB for £509 with voucher. I'm not as clued up as some of you about these, could anyone enlighten me as to the difference between the two - from looking at spec on website, the only difference appears to be with the sound. Is it worth the extra £60 for the RV?

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    This is what the RV has that the XV doesn't:
    10 bit panel
    100Hz scan
    24fps (5:5 pulldown)
    Brightness 500cd/m2 (XV 480)
    I can't see any difference in the technical sound specifications.
    If the RV is only a little more I'd have it for the 100Hz picture alone.
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