Which travel credit card choose?

Posted 1st Mar
I just wonder which credit card would be better for abroad?

Virgin Money Travel CC or Halifax Clarity CC?

Main reason to use it abroad, as my Revolut card or Starling sometimes didn't work in USA.

So now I'm thinking about getting some CC without conversation fee or something?

Yes, I know that I can bring cash but still would prefer to have some working card over there.

Any ideas?
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I keep just two cards in my wallet - Amex Cashback for all UK purchases, and Clarity for the few places that don't accept Amex and for foreign purchases. Clarity is a great, all purpose card that people should have even if they don't travel.
Halifax for me!
I use Monzo abroad, even better now they have removed the £200 fee free cash limit, only place I’ve had issues in some places is Holland, but that’s there system not just Monzo..
I have never had a problem with revolut in USA. I have used it in hundreds of shops, restaurants and gas stations in 13 different states.Have you checked security settings on the app for it? I once had swipe payments turned off.

I use revolut and Halifax clarity wherever I travel without a issue
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I have the Nationwide Flexplus account . Costs £13 a month but you get World Wide Travel Insurance for you , your partner and school age children, Car brakedown cover and phone cover. You also get fee free ATM withdrawals abroad and fee free purchases abroad with the credit card.
We went to the states last year and I took out a Halifax clarity specially. It was spot on, used it constantly throughout the holiday and then just paid it off when I got home
I've used clarity since nationwide stopped doing their free overseas withdrawals and went to only Europe. No issues at all. I now use revolut and or starling for transactions as I get immediate notifications so I know just how much I've been charged.
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