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Hi guys

I've got the choice of 3 treadmills, I have to buy one of these three as I have a gift voucher. Which one is the best for those who have bought previously or those which knowledge of treadmills?

1. argos.co.uk/pro…710

2. argos.co.uk/pro…110

3. argos.co.uk/pro…623

Thank you
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Number 1! It looks identical to the non RB branded model I have. It has been a good machine
This one looks a better value option.


will hold much more.
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cant you save the voucher for something else as second hand treadmills go for peanuts on ebay / gumtree. I paid £10 for mine which is £130 new and it had about 10 miles on it tops

nothing devalues quicker than exercise equipment
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