Which Treadmill should I get?

    It's for my Mum, she wants a foldable one that folds actualy FLAT.

    I have two to chose from at the moment, one is on ebay it's a cataloge return and comes with no warranty, I'd be picking it up from them, it's the reebok i-run which I know is a good machine for the money as I have read lots of reviews - £220 less £4 with voucher less Quidco.

    The other option is the PowerTrek Slimline which is from an actual company and has very similar specs to the I-run, the only difference I can see is that you can't change the incline on it, comes with a 1 year warranty and 5 year on the motor, brand new, delivered to my door. But the site that is selling it ( seems to be the ONLY place that has it and I can't find any reviews of the actual treadmill -£239.95

    My mind is broken and I can't decide, do I risk the eBay one without warranty but a machine I know to be good and worth the money -- or go with the safety of the one with the warranty but on a machine I know nothing about?

    Any advice welcomed (except 'Why don't you just go running instead and save the money?' :P?)

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    Hiya within the last week Minstrelman was giving some stuff away and i think a treadmill was one of the items but he is based in Manchester , so depends if he still has it and where you are based.
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