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Found 30th Oct 2017
I know there's plenty of discussion about tv's on here but I'm just after which is the best out the these three, any advice would be great before I order one tomorrow.

Samsung 55mu6210

Sony kd55xe7073su

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For me I would say the Sony, the colour reproduction is amazing.
However if you enjoy more vibrant images ie grass that kinda glows then go Samsung. The LG is a decent alrounder with decent black levels but again the picture can be very vibrant.
The LG is the highest up their respective ranges so I'd expect that to be better in most things.

It's main disadvantage is that it's got lower contrast than the other two so it's at it's weakest in a dim room.

I would probably pick the XE70 over the MU6100 if the LG doesn't suit, although the XE70 lacks catch-up apps I believe.
Thanks for the info gents
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