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Found 15th Nov 2017
Educated people of HUKD, which of these two do you think I should go for? I mainly play my Xbox on it and watch a bit of Amazon/Netflix and more cricket than I should. We're limited to 43" because of the size of the alcove the TV goes into which limits the choice of TV obviously.

LG one

Philips one

I quite like the Ambilight of the Philips one, and don't mind paying the extra for it, but the price for the LG is the lowest I've seen anywhere.

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The LG uses RGBW, so it isn't really 4k, it has a red, green and blue pixel, but not the full amount like a proper 4k tv, it gets round this by sticking a white pixel near them to kind of make more colours, but its crap. If you are purely being limited on space by the alcove and not the size of the room and you sit quite far away, it probably wont make much difference which one you get. You would have to sit pretty damn close to a 43" tv to receive much benefit from a 4k set. There are a few other benefits over a HD set, but then they'll both be similar.
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