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I am wanting to buy a TV, preferably a 32" but I am willing to get a 42" if the one I show you is better or not.

I want to know which TV is better this:…758


I don't want them to be compared by inches, just quality etc. I have a general idea myself but could do with some other thoughts from people to help me choose.

Thanks, much appreciated.


I would go with the LG as more reliable and most of the time it comes with warranty.

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I would go with the LG as more reliable and most of the time it comes … I would go with the LG as more reliable and most of the time it comes with warranty.

The Philips comes with 5 year warranty whereas the Lg comes with 1.

Oh okay, LG is still a much reliable brand but if you want to be on the 'Safe Side' go for the Philips.

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LG & Philips are the same company aren't they … LG & Philips are the same company aren't they ?

No offense but Im wanting to know what TV is better in quality. I don't want to know about the company make and warranty. Please can someone give me their thoughts on this.

I have that LG one. Its brilliant! Its refresh rate is 50hz, but I, personally dont like the 100hz, 200hz televisions. No TV signal currently broadcasts above 50Hz, so its totally pointless having an LCD with a higher refresh rate. Some people will argue "oh, but it stops the blur on fast action scenes" I personally think it doesnt look right. The film maker didnt want it to look like that.

Brightness on it. It could be a bit better, During the day, you notice it especially if the sun is out and your room with this television gets a lot of natural daylight.

Sound on it is good. Standard for a normal television really.

HDMI - Only 2 inputs which for me is a bit of a pain as I have a media centre, ps3, xbox, and sky hd box. Thats 4 devices, but only 2 inputs. Annoying having to keep changing the plug, however your setup may be different.

Extra feature - USB - This tv can be "hacked" to allow movie playback from a usb device. Google LG USB Hack to find out more about it. But this tv will play mkv's, avi's with ease.

Unfortunately, I dont know much about the other television. But i paid £379 for this just after xmas and I was happy with it, even though the price has came down sharply. Its completely worth it!

well for one you dont really need 1080p on a 32" tv, because of the size you probably wont notice the difference. I would say though that company make is important when choosing a tv.


lg every time!
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