Which TV is better Sony KDL48W585 or Samsung UE48H5500

On JL both TVs are of same price



Both are smart TVs and I'm not sure which is is better.
Any suggestions?


from you tittle, I would go.... Sony

I have a Sony TV. The only comment I would make is the smart bit only offers Iplayer. You cannot get the other demand channels like 4OD etc. So look into this before purchasing. Also I had to buy wireless dongle which packed up after a year. Other than this, good tv.

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from you tittle, I would go.... Sony

Yeah, updated the title.

I have the Samsung, albeit 2013 model, F5500. I don't think there's a huge amount of difference between the 2013 F model and 2014 H model. However, all of the apps are ready to go straight away and if they are not, just put the app on a memory stick, plug it in and install.

On mine, I set up all the usuals (iPlayer, ITV, 4OD, 5), Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu in an hour or so - cannot fault it at all as we use the Smart features virtually all day.

I spent several weeks trying out different models from various manufacturers and found the Smart functionality from Samsung to be the best. Many are so slow it's unbearable - especially all the unbranded sub £200 32" Smart TVs floating around.

For me, I'd choose the Samsung over the Sony as I wasn't a huge fan of the tinny sound from the Sony I tried (wasn't the particular model in the OP).

I was looking around at the two mentioned above, any other suggestions to think about eg, lg's, and any idea if these deals will get any better tomorrow onwards seeing as ces is 6th to 9th of jan ?

cheers mike

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I went to JL to check both models. They looked exactly same specs wise.

Samsung had two app extra ITV and 4od.

other than that I was informed that Sony one had better refresh rate I.e. 200hz and Samsung one is with 100hz.

can someone content on sound quality?
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