Which TV to buy....

Posted 15th Jun
budget of around £550

it's for my living so everyday watching and maybe some light gaming.

hisense 65 or a lg 55 seem to be the winners so

open to suggestions though

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How about a philips ambilight?
For £550 HDR won't be that impressive, LG could well be a faux K TV. Hisense is ok, I love ambilight so I'd also go with the suggestion above of looking at a philips. Probably the 7000 series over 6000 as android slightly less buggy and better processing.
Ok. Which the best Philips for that price?
PH198315/06/2020 19:36

Ok. Which the best Philips for that price?

8 series in Curry's
I'd avoid the Android Philips sets at that budget...Android will be underpowered, buggy and unpleasant.

Just go for one with the Sapho OS, its not got the fullest marketplace of Apps but its solid. you can always plug a Firestick in.

Buy a TV for how good the actual TV is, not how good the Smart apps are....
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Ukguy10115/06/2020 19:52

8 series in Curry's

I'd go to RicherSounds...then you'll get a proper warranty and decent customer service.

initially it never seems a bad idea going to Currys and saving £20 or so but when things go wrong further down the line it can be very painful....
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