Which TV to go for? Is 10bit a big deal?

Found 30th Nov 2017
Samsung 55MU6220 vs LG 55UJ635V

I'm hoping someone more clued up than me can give me some advice on which TV to go for. I managed to get AO to give me a really good price match earlier this week based on a Curry's deal + TCB and have the following Samsung 55" order for £494:


(I know not everyone is a fan of curved screens, I quite like it but it's not a big factor for me).

On the other hand, the following LG 55" inch is available for £539 and is 10bit as opposed to the Samsung which is only 8bit. Does this really make a big difference? Both TVs have really good reviews and I would be using it mainly for film watching, gaming and Freeview HD channels (I don't have a 4k PS4 or 4k blu ray player and probably won't for a while).


Is the LG worth the extra money or should I stick?
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Probably not much in it apart from BS marketing. Curved screens...BS 4K LG screens.... BS (3k colour 1k b/w). Get whichever one you like the look of as you probably won't notice any difference at that price point.
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