Which UK "product exchange" pays the best in exchange for products?

    hi everyone

    I just wanted to ask which exchange shop, ie. CEX, CashConverters, Game etc. pay the best exchange for electricals in your opinions? Preferably cash but I'll consider store credit. It's for a Gameboy Advance and some accessories, possibly a graphics card/Norton 2005/Miscellaneous computer bits and pieces.



    CEX are quite fair especially if you take store credit. However, older items such as Norton 2005 may be worth next to nothing anywhere unfortunately.

    You can check online how much CEX are offering


    From what I've seen CEX seem to be generally the best, Cash Converters and the like give very little and Game don't tend to be great either. For older items that are going to be more tricky I'd maybe try either ebay or something local like Gumtree.


    I don't think you can get store credit at Cash Generators / Convertors, so if you are tempted to get credit CEX would be your best bet...

    They're probably the bext for cash, too, to be honest. Cash Convertors will give you 25% of what it sells for 2nd hand, and they'll look on ebay for the value.

    I doubt Game would take in what you are thinking of getting rid of, either...
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