Which Used car for £3000

    I am looking for second hand car for About £3000
    Interested in Volkswogan Golf or Honda Jazz or Ford Focus or Toyota Yaris or anything you recommend?

    Any one knows which is best to go?
    This is for Mrs who want to learn and use to drop kids in school or local shopping
    Many Thanks


    Golf will be higher insurance I would of thought.

    You looked at some of the lesser makes like Kia and such, probably cheaper, more reliable(in some cases) and cheaper if things go wrong and maybe less insurance.

    At that price, it is hard to say which is best.

    You will be best off finding an example of each car within your budget, and comparing them.

    BTW what about the Astra? There value dropped quickly! You probably wouldn't lose too much on it.

    Skoda Fabia?


    seat leon

    basically a cheap golf and not so common

    Original Poster

    Thanks a lot

    I already own Astra and going to sell and buy small one as it will be easy for my wife to pass the exam (mainly in manure)
    will look Fabia and Leon as well

    You need to do your homework nowadays when buying a car unless you have loads of money .With the cost of fuel and I think that will rise again in the next few months ,insurance ,tax , servicing costs .etc . Low insurance group ,good MPG will be the main priority .
    The Yaris are renowned for their good fuel economy ,the Ford KA gets about 60 mile to the gallon ,the Vauxhalls I have found are reliable and cheap to service .
    I would make a shortlist of 5 or 6 cars and visit the Parkers website . It will list insurance groups ,mpg and road tax and give you an idea of price etc.

    Peugeot 207 really roomy and have a quality "cockpit" also they drive nice

    Ford Focus or Golf, both great cars Golf renown for reliability, Focus best handling car and nice easy to drive, Honda Jazz a bit boring.

    Avoid anything French or Italian, Usually unreliable and poor build quality.

    Golf is a high insurance and really quite a heavy car unless you get a 2.0 engine then it might move duno about fuel economy on it though.

    Ford Focus, isnt the best fuel wise which is probably one of the best things to gague a car on with the way things are going currently.

    Although Skoda's have a bad reputation from the "older" days they are actually quite good cars just now imo

    Astra's are lovely cars, bit biased as its the car that im wanting just now, why not stay with a vauxhall and get a corsa, a wee 5 door corsa, smart looking, good fuel usage, easy and cheap servicing and there is room for the kids. Could usually pick up a quite decent one for around 3k.

    Seat Leon is a good shout aswell, never had any experience first hand with these, but the old man used to have a seat cordoba ? (cant remember the model) and that ran really quite well with no problems that we can recall.

    Hope some of that minor essay helps.

    i got ford focus around 2.8k.. Diesel one for 59K miles. Cheap one to ride.

    Buy Honda or Toyota, avoid the rest.

    Far more reliable than anything else.

    With these crazy fuel prices, i'd go far the Yaris

    Original Poster

    Thanks all
    Yes the petrol prices might cross £2 in the coming days no surprise
    Was looking little bit luxury like ford focus ghia
    now changed mind considering the petrol prices,insurance,road tax etc
    so might look for Japanese models


    Buy Honda or Toyota, avoid the rest.Far more reliable than anything else.

    +1 I have a 2002 yaris and it hasnt failed once, amazing consumption too. 40+ mpg while doing city driving and 60+ when driving on country roads. GF has the new yaris and thats just lush, little bigger engine but its still economical

    Original Poster

    Another think to consider is the age of the car as I am looking for less than 10 year old car for this price more than that will have more maintenance cost involved

    Anyone seen big difference in mileage as I heard that Automatic cars give less mileage than Manual

    How the Toyota looks in driving motorway and heard that in snow conditions these cars don't have much traction so may not be good

    Any views???

    I also heard that Toyota Yaris is Gay's car (Told by someone) and they stopped looking for it then bought another car
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