which uses more battery power on a smartphone, audio through the loudspeaker or a bluetooth connection to an external speaker?

Found 18th Nov 2015
If i wanted to save battery should i play audio through phones speakers or connect bluetooth to external speakers?
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Bluetooth of course.

Bluetooth of course.

​bluetooth is very efficient though so I don't think this is correct. especially if using the Bluetooth LE. easiest way to find the answer would be to time how long it takes battery to drain from 100% to 90% on both phone speakers and using Bluetooth.
I thought bluetooth would use less power myself, but then again bluetooth connection isnt exactly power efficient
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if you turn mobile data off, your phone battery will last 1 week
not the question you ask but
Audio through the loudspeaker uses more power than a Bluetooth connection.


This could be right. But it depends how much power bluetooth uses. Im still not sure what the answer is.
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