Which Vanish Product?

Found 27th Sep 2012
I'm at uni and got a chocolate stain on a white polo which is 95% Cotton, 4% Polyester, 1% Elastane. I put it in the wash and it came out with the stain still present. I heard Vanish would get rid of it but am stuck as to which product to buy to get rid of the stain.



What's the difference between the two?

Also do I just use that as opposed to normal washing powder?
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God bless students.
You want Vanish Oxi action crystal for whites. It contains bleach so it is not for other colours just whites. Use it with washing powder. You could use the pink vanish it will probably work just the crystal white will leave your whites very white.

Vanish soap or spray and wash under the tap....then put it in a normal wash
This one in the image below
just rub fairy liquid into it then straight in the wash it will be as good as new
Buy some tip ex
Thanks guys. I think i'll try fairy and if that doesn't work then vanish. It costs so much
Get the vanish bar then. You can just rub as much as you need and will still have it for future use.
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