Posted 8th Jan 2021
I'm in need of (finally) signing up to a VPN, and I'm not entirely sure of what to go with. I've looked at a lot of posts for deals here from the last few months and the consensus from what I saw from most comments was probably that NordVPN or ExpressVPN were most liked.

From what I've seen here and pretty much everywhere ExpressVPN is the best, it's just the cost that is off-putting. I don't mind paying for it if it is worth the extra money, in comparison I'd be paying about a tenner more for 15 months of ExpressVPN than I would for 24 months of NordVPN. So I guess I just wanted to ask if that extra bit for Express is worth it or if NordVPN is good enough. I'll mostly be using it with a Firestick but will also just use it on my laptop and android phone.
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