Which Wacom Intuos to buy?

Posted 11th Nov
I’d like to buy my 10 year old daughter a Wacom tablet as she loves creating digital art. I have decided on the Wacom Intuos models as I don’t have a big budget. However there seems to be so many options, I’m not fussed about whether it’s Bluetooth or not but I’ve seen Intuos comfort pb models on Argos and I’ve tried to research what the difference is between that and just the small Wacom Intuos and can’t find anything? If anyone can help me it would be most appreciated. Cheers
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Which ever model you decide to get, I'd always recommend the Small version.
I've got 2 of their tablets (expensive and cheap), they've both Small and I always remap the drawing area to a small size.

I would probably buy this, if you didn't want extra buttons on the tablet itself:

And this version, if you did want extra buttons:

Usually the buttons can be programmed as short cuts for commands or to open other applications. Which can be useful.
Also check out the Amazon Warehouse section for deals. If you're not in a rush to buy one, I'd wait until Black Friday for regular and Warehouse (20% off) discounts.

It also might be worth joining the Wacom forum to ask there too.
Thank you you’ve been very helpful, great tip about the size and will check out Amazon warehouse. I’m leaning towards the one with the buttons 55.99 model. Thanks again
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