Which wall mount for 50inch samsung plasma?

Posted 11th Dec 2008
well my tv was delivered today from littlewoods and im trying to figure out which wall mount to get, any advice? should i get an expensive one or do these cheaper ones do just as good job (never hung a tv on wall before)
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We have had our 50in plasma on the wall for 2 years now just using a cheap bracket similar to this


It's not fallen off yet.
I got mine here

i paid £150 for mine for a 42" plasma 5 years ago
then upgraded my tv to a philips 47" lcd
and ordered one from amazon.co.uk for just over £20 from allcam
does same job
just bear in mind if the cables plug into the back of the tv against the wall you will need a tilt one as there will be more clearance, but if they plug in from the bottom a superslim (i think they are called) will be fine
check here
EDIT - looks like the same one as post 3 but at a third of the price
Thanks Scoot i had looked at that one actually nice to hear it does just as good a job!

Thanks Scoot i had looked at that one actually nice to hear it does just … Thanks Scoot i had looked at that one actually nice to hear it does just as good a job!

I think there was a hotdeal for one in homebargins as well but the one from Amazon seems to have good reviews.

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Are you attaching to a stud wall or a solid wall?

I'm looking at getting a plasma in Jan, so want to get a bracket now to it's ready to get up as soon as I get the TV

Was looking at the Amazon one, and the 1 review that stuck out was:

1 Star: Cheap and Ugly
I did read these reviews here because I was a bit worried about the cheap price but I can't believe no one mentioned how ugly your plasma TV looks on this. I did whatever the instruction says and ended up with the TV looking very odd far away from the wall.
You can adjust the angle +15 -15 but there is no chance you can push the TV closer towards the wall. You'll regret buying this as soon as you hang your plasma on the hook. Can't believe just one person here mentioned this and I didn't catch that line otherwise I would've gone for a different one that takes the telly closer to the wall. It's suitable for only those who've got the TV's hiden in a wooden box in the wall somewhere. Sorry boys, one star only.

Took one guy 90 Mins to put up this bracket with his mate, how hard is it to put up a bracket for a novice?
Generally the brackets should all do the job, they are all made of metal and thus strong enough for the job.

My advice would be to take some time to find the correct fixings for the bracket, a 50" plasma is going to be quite heavy and the fixings will be critical.

FWIW my bracket was about 25 quid from ebay,
you can get a slim bracket but that has no adjustment - the diags do state 8cm plus whatever your tv depth is
Im undicided to go for one that fits slim against the wall but makes it hard to reach the back for scarts ect or one that tilts so easier acess but sticks out from the wall more?
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