Which Windows? (7, 8, 10!?)

Found 27th Nov 2017
Hi all..

I have a fresh i5 x64 laptop with 6GB Ram and 1TB HDD.

Which Windows version is "best"? I have only ever used 7 but seems like it might be a bit old now.

Any advice/2 pence worth/diatribes considered!

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Preference is best really, the general opinion is that 7>10>8.1>8, but if you have preference for one then go for it

Since I'm lazy, I'd go for Windows 10 (which is what I use) since I won't be forced to change it either because A) Microsoft keep asking me to change it or B) because they'll inevitably stop releasing security updates for the others before windows 10

I could talk for days about new features and draw backs, but if you've never used 10 before you could give it a try, if you prefer familiarity go for 7, it's still the best (probably), avoid 8 unless preferred or niche reason
Windows 10 without a doubt. Don’t waste your time with 7 or 8. If you already have a copy of 7 or 8 you can get a free upgrade to 10 which is still available until 31st December.
Yeah, Windows 10.

Windows 7 is no longer supported by new i5s and Windows 8.1 has nothing to recommend it over Windows 10.
Dont bother with Win8, for win7 Users 10 is what 8 should have been, plus you shouldn't have any issues moving from 7 to 10 in operation terms.

If your going for the Free 7 to 10 Upgrade it needs to be done before 31 Dec 17, why not take a clone of your Hard Drive with win7, then up grade to 10 then if your really need to you can revert back to 7 any time, but I dont think you will need to you be fine with win10, and its the only way to go for future updates and security..
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My biggest problem with Windows 10 is it doesn't look and work like 7. But seen as I'm going to have to upgrade sooner or later as 7 isn't supported I was reading this article the other day about how to make 10 look like 7 for people like me who are stuck in our ways.

Make Windows 10 like Windows 7
windows 10, as above poster said, windows 10 can look like windows 7 without much hassle. i don't use the app facility of windows 10, i use it like windows 7.

i really like it.
Thanks ever so much for all your answers. I am going to go with W10 and skin it like W7. Old dog / new tricks! Much appreciated.
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