Which wireless mouse do you recommend £20+ @ Amazon?

Posted 9th Jan 2023 (Posted 11 h, 45 m ago)
I have Amazon vouchers totalling £20 and looking to buy a wireless mouse that is both sold and dispatched via Amazon. What can people suggest or have any experience with?

I will be using it on an older win10 gaming laptop so would be playing some games, but predominately using it for normal everyday use (browsing, office work, photoshop etc)

I don’t care about RGB lights coming out it’s backside and don’t want something that uses a dongle for connection.
I would like programmable buttons and for it to be recharged either on a dock or via a cable that I can plug into the laptop itself instead of replacing/recharging AAs.

My hands are on the larger side so I don’t do well with the low profile, thin mice you see nowadays. I used to use a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth 1001 which I loved and was perfect for me. I currently use an IntelliMouse Optical USB which is also nice.

I know it’s a lot of information to go on for the budget so obviously my budget can be stretched a little.
Thanks to everyone that read my ramblings and I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks a lot
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    Logitech M185, never used any other so can't compare it with anything.
    They last for years so never needed to change it.

    amazon.co.uk/Log…h=1 (edited)
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    Did you mean less than (<) £20 rather than more than (>)?
    no, minimum spend value has to be £20 for the vouchers to work. so £20+ i guess i could've written. ill edit the title
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    I would suggest Logitech MX Anywhere often recommended on here. I bought one to use at work (possibly slightly older model) - was so good I bought another for home. It's not huge but not tiny either.
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    For mouse, I always stick to Logitech. currently using Logitech m720 and you can connect up to 3 devices to it by Bluetooth or usb (1included).

    I currently also have a multi-device Logitech keyboard along with this and I can use the same keyboard and mouse to switch between my work laptop, home pc and tablet/phone by clicking a button.
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