Which WIRLESS ROUTER do you reccomend?

    Which Wireless (cable) Router would you reccomend to use? I want the cable router to provide a strong signal always and not be slow or drop out the connection. I have already dismissed Belkin due to some users saying its not good but i have been looking at the one below as it says it can "boost" the speed/signal etc. Would you reccomend it?…222

    BTW my budget is £45. In my laptop I already have a wireless card so i wont need it.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


    I don't know about the above one but i use a Netgear WPN824 v2 and am with Virgin on 20MB and have never lost connection or suffered from slow speeds with it.

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    Bump - im thinking of ordering asap so if anyone can reccoemnd me another router then what would be great.…gle

    This is the one I use. I have had no problems streaming media to my xBox with it or conection with my Laptop and PDA around the house.

    I'd use linksys

    Two Linksys WRT54G's here, one in front reception to use at mates down the road on occasion, other in back conservatory , so it can be used anywhere in the garden, entire house gets 30db or less snr except the loft rooms which still gets 5bars in Windows too but at 50db snr or so.

    Both firmware upgraded to DD-WRT

    Both with 9dB antenna's on TX/RX (£10ish for a pair off eBay)

    Both at nearly three times the European limit in mW transmitter power :whistling:

    I reserve the right to shoot any neurotic parent Daily Mail/Panoramaesque who even looks at me wrong...

    I have a D Link DSL 904.Great when it works.Pretty temperamental though,Have to reboot it couple of times a month when it decides it doesn't want to play anymore.Got my main PC,Laptop and Xbox 360 via wireless connector on it.My mates got a BT Voyager 2110 and that beast is bombproof.I installed it about 9 months ago for him and never had to touch it since.

    Hope this helps.:)

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    Thx for the help guys. BTW what is a 9db antenna on TX/RX? Does this antenna make the signal stronger?


    Thx for the help guys. BTW what is a 9db antenna on TX/RX? Does this … Thx for the help guys. BTW what is a 9db antenna on TX/RX? Does this antenna make the signal stronger?

    Small Antenna 3db, 3-5cm on most routers
    Medium Antenna 5db, 9-11cm the Linksys WRT as default
    Large Antenna 9db, 30cm available from ebay, bear in mind there are two types of antenna connection, iirc, Linksys WRT = Reverse-TNC (R-TNC)

    The Boosted power plus almost 600% more metal surface area (in the antenna) to broadcast the signal = far far superior coverage compared to typical routers, equivilant in comparing a £2 bit of copper wire as a internal tv aerial to a massive £100+ 3meter 75element roof aerial for tv imo

    However it depends on your circumstances, I have 4housemates, with my laptop that = 5 laptops using the wifi so have two and strong signal helps as wifi only runs on the weakest signal connected to it, bringing everyone else down to it even if THEY have a strong signal

    And my patio area which is used when decent weather, I run an extension out to the large marquee ensuring the 4way stays above ground means they can use it in the living room, dining room, conservatory, outside garden etc and the loft bedroom when it's used.

    I'm no wifi expert really, I just have some experience in going a bit over the top with my WRTs

    I did seriously consider 1.5meter 15db antennas at one point :oops:

    hi, so what type of antenna connection do belkin wireless routers use? and anyone know where to buy so 9db antennas? thanks a lot.:thumbsup:


    are the two main types

    the the makes crossover into both although they are biased to one type really.

    eBay search "wifi antenna" to see the 9db ones I am on about

    Google the belkin model number, check the specs, find the antenna types, type in 9db [antenna type] into ebayan


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