Which would you use: wooden or concrete fence posts?

Found 4th Oct 2013
I am putting up a new fence in a relatively sheltered area and was just wondering about which posts to use. I have heard that concrete posts last longer but by how long? I think they don't look as good as wooden ones but how soon would I have to replace the wooden ones?
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Concrete definitely, all of my wooden ones have snapped and broken in strongish winds, I was paying for them to be repaired almost every year. Since I changed them to concrete many years ago now they've been fine.
Concrete with gravel boards. Last a lifetime

Concrete with gravel boards. Last a lifetime



Concrete with gravel boards. Last a lifetime

Same here
Think I'm gonna sit on the fence on this, both have pros and cons.
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Concrete with gravel boards. Last a lifetime

this for sure and you can always paint them if you want to disguise them
Definitely concrete with gravel boards.
Six or seven years with a wooden post.
Until you move house with a concrete one.

You won't pay them any attention when installed and greenery climbing up.

Concrete with gravel boards. Last a lifetime

I would suggest concrete too. Wooden ones rot and then need replacing or being supported by a concrete spur so I would choose concrete.
I've got concrete for all of the above reasons, but prefer the look of wood.
Wood rots but rarely, had to replace two out of about 30 in 15 years
all my wooden posts rotted and snapped as soon as it got a bit windy, now got all concrete posts and they are great and very strong
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Thanks. It looks like concrete is the winner.
tanalised 4" wood post. I put in 7 years ago. look good as new, never painted, never treated as already pre done. No bowing or bending, you get what you pay for. Posts and panels from B&Q is a no no. sorry to be different. Concrete is just taking over the world.
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