Which Xbox 360 to buy

    Hell, I know there are loads of reviews etc on the net about the 360 but at the mo I dont know which model to buy, basically all down to costs etc. After discounts I can get the elite for £221 so my question is would this be a better buy than the arcade or premium.
    I know you get more bits with it but at first I only wanted to spend around £150 but after reading up on the elite I think it may be a better buy in the long run. Oh its for my son hence why I dont know which one to buy


    The only advantage to the elite is that it's black & comes with a bigger HDD.

    If your not fussed about the colour then the pro\premium or whatever it's called these days is probably fine, you don't need a 120GB HDD yet (but may do if you start buying high def films from live) other than that 20GB is plenty for demo's ect.

    The arcade pack doesn't come with the HDD so unless you know someone who wants to upgrade so you can buy the old 20GB HDD from them I'd avoid that unless your on a tight budget in which case you could get the arcade then add the HDD at a later date.

    Don't forget whichever one you buy you'll need the wireless adapter to get it online easily (if you want to connect it to live) which is about £40-£50 or you can have a look at using a bridge - it's a lot cheaper & there are plenty of guides about but i went for the wireless adapter for ease.


    Well the premium and the elite are the same apart from the hard drive size, so if he intends on downloading movies, original Xbox games and lots of demos without deleting them then go for the elite, otherwise there's no point spending the extra money on the bigger hard drive. The arcade is only an option if your not really gonna spend much time on it or its a second console or even intend on buying a hard drive at a later date.

    If you have the money to burn, the elite works out as best value for money.

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    thanks all, I will see what I can get the premium for. I think around £180 from asda with staff discount

    Personally - i'd go for the elite - for £41 more you'll be getting the bigger hard drive up front - it'll cost a lot more than £41 to upgrade at a later date.
    I had a premium and soon filled the 12 or so gig that is available to put demos and stuff on and found that i was having to delete stuff to get newer stuff. I've now got the Elite and grab whatever demos and stuff i fancy, i've not bothered with the movie service yet but still using more memory space than was avialable on the premiom's hard drive.

    Whichever you choose - i'm sure your son will be very happy!!

    it's a good point - out of the 20GB you do only get about 14 that you can use.

    I've had my 360 for about a year though and yes you do have to delete old demos to get new ones but there really is no replayability in demos at all so I don't see why anyone would want to keep them all?

    You either buy the game if you liked the demo or you delete the demo and don't buy the game if it's rubbish.

    I still have demos from about 6 months ago & just purge old ones that I've not played for months when the space gets low. It's not like I have to keep deleteing them all the time.

    £40 extra is quite a lot when the whole thing is only costing £180 (or it'll buy you the wireless adapter) but yes if you have the spare money it will make your box more future proof should you decide to download the high res films or don't like deleting things.


    Depends on how much money you have. If money's not an issue then go for the Elite - but if the extra £40 for the elite over the premium is an issue then go for the premium. It may mean your son has to delete some demos if he downloads lots of them but he should be extremely chuffed with a premium. Don't buy the arcade as you need a hard disk drive to play original xbox games (hence get premium or elite). And you don't need to buy a wireless adaptor (for xbox live) if the xbox is near your router (you can just use the supplied network cable.

    Whatever one you buy make sure it has the HDMI logo on the box. Older stock (pre-summer 07) do not have HDMI ports but I would have thought all these have gone by now.

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    thanks again but managed to get a decent deal well to some it may be. I was about to buy from argos when I decided just to check comet and ended up getting a bundle which comprises of:
    1. Xbox premium HD model
    2. wireless entertainment pack (wireless controller, forza 2, Viva Pinata)
    3. Viva Pinata 2
    4. Splinter Cell Double agent
    £194.00, used reserve at store and got £10 via quidco tracked so £184.00
    Also picked up a xbox hd dvd from Comet for £29.99.
    There was a little problem with the order, it came up more instore and I found out the price was a web exclusive and there should not have been a collect at store option but it went through in the end.

    Thats a stonking deal - you should post it!! Cheapest I could see for a premium/pro console alone is £180
    I presume it was this one…PRO

    You could buy this…pl/

    You'd possibly get £30 for the game on ebay (not suitable for your son i'm guessing) making this about £160 for a premium
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