Which Xiaomi phone under £200 has the best camera?

Posted 3rd May
Hello everyone

My daughter wants a camera for her birthday but I know it will end up in the back of a cupboard, so I figured replacing her old Xiaomi Redmi 4X for one with a better camera is a good option for now.

I'm a bit rusty with the latest models and wondered if anyone has any recommendations as to the best camera phone they do please? Less than £200 uk price would be best. The cheaper the better

I'm just looking at reviews for the Note 7 Pro which look good All suggestions are very welcomed.

Thanks in advance!


Edit: Her birthday is mid June so I guess I've missed the Ali Express option
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Think you are probably spot on with the Note 7 Pro.
Take a look at eGlobal central...They seem to be shipping a lot of handsets direct from EU now with delivery only taking 6-10 days or so
Also look at Nokia, there are some good Deals (sub £200) on a lot of there phones now.
Note 7 Pro is good but no global version so probably have worse signal than her current 4x (if it's global), apparently the Note 7 Pro will get a wider global release in the next few weeks though.
Ooh thanks @dcx_badass I didn't realise that there was no global version of the Note 7 Pro as yet! Honestly she whinges enough as it is without that to add to it, haha!

I never thought about Nokia actually, I'll have a Google thank you @zirk.

Thanks for the tip on eGlobal Central too, @Uridium . I was a bit worried about getting stuffed by customs via Ali Express in all honesty, I've been lucky so far but it has to catch me at some point. That's a massive help to know
Never used OnBuy myself but this excellent deal for a Huawei Mate 10 Pro was posted on another thread.

Not new but supposedly Excellent condition, boxed with accessories and 12mths Huawei warranty.
BTW the non Pro version of the Note 7 will be available to buy direct from MI UK from may 7th....
@Uridium thank you
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