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Posted 13th Sep
Have you checked your dryer? we have an Indesit and just checked it, needs fixing or replacing as it one that might set fire. It's Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline brands between 2004 and 2015. check yours

We are hoping for a refund but suspect they'll come and repair it as it's one of the older ones. Anyone had any exeriance?
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I opted for a new replacement vented dryer for about £59 three years ago
Got mine done in 2016.

The repairman was dismissive of the need to modify driers and critical of Whirlpool's handling of the issue.

I got the impression that it was probably a known issue well before Whirlpool took over Indesit.

I posted some details of what was done to mine hotukdeals.com/com…804

It's probably about time I had a look in back of mine again to check for a build up of fluff. I got about a bin bag full of fluff out of the insides when I changed the bearings a few years ago.
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Got ours replaced 1 month ago, brand new one replaced for free
Got ours replaced a couple of weeks ago. Choice of four, picked one almost exactly the same as the 'defective' one. Very quick and easy to do. Start the ball rolling online, choose what replacement you want (you also get a discount voucher for future purchases). They email you to select delivery date. No hassle. Very easy to do.
Now they are offering a free dryer.
It's on news.
We replaced our Hotpoint tumble dryer when this tumble dryer fire risk issue was first in the news 4 years ago. We had a vented Hotpoint tumble dryer that had not missed a beat for 3 or 4 years but when we found out it was one of the fire risk models, we opted to accept the Whirlpool upgrade offer of a brand new condenser Hotpoint tumble dryer for £100 to replace the old one. It took them 5 months to replace it so we didn't have a tumble dryer for all that time and over winter when most people need them the most.

Then unbelievably, the new replacement tumble dryer packed up just 3 weeks after the 1 year warranty had expired. I rang Whirlpool who initially told me it was out of warranty so would cost me to repair, but to be fair to them, when I explained that this model had replaced the old fire risk model which had lasted 4 times longer than the new one without causing a fire or any problem, they agreed to send their engineer round to fix it without charge.
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