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Found 31st Oct 2008

Does anyone know of any great single malt whiskey deals arround at the moment as i'm looking for a christmas presant for my old man and i'm not that clued up on whiskey.

He likes single malts or whiskeys that say they are from the casket. the more obscure or different the whiskey the better as he likes trying new or different ones.


Hiya, I have just got an amazing whiskey!!! Its a Glenmorangie 100% proof, which is straight from the cask, thats not the alcohol content but it is a lot higher than normal, I bought it from dubai on a recent little trip, dubai duty free to be exact and it was only about thirty quid for a litre, now i know it wont be much use to you over there in dubai, but maybe you could do an internet search for it over here, or even approach glenmorangie themselves by email. Its called "glenmorangie traditional"

Hope that is of some help

bells 1ltr bottle £11.93 @ sainsburys
grants 1 ltr bottle £ 11.00 @ morrisons

bells 1 litre at tesco 2 for £20


bells 1ltr bottle £11.93 @ sainsburysgrants 1 ltr bottle £ 11.00 @ m … bells 1ltr bottle £11.93 @ sainsburysgrants 1 ltr bottle £ 11.00 @ morrisons


bells 1 litre at tesco 2 for £20

These are NOT a single malt :roll:

]THIS is a good source for a gift

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Thanks as your right they are not single malts...

but also dont want to seem ungrateful for any help anyone can give.

Is there a Makro near you - I was in last week and they had Macallan single malt (15yr) for £14.99 + VAT, its a very good whisky and a good price.

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread as I do love a single malt.
The deals are a little thin on the ground at the moment :-(

Laphroaig Single Islay Malt Whisky Aged 10 Years (700ml) £20.82 in Tesco's reduced 20%


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THANKS. That does look a good buy and theer is a macro near me.

morrison are selling highland park 12 yo for £19 from £26 it is a very good malt for its age check wiskymag.com for malt whiskey reviews.

If you want rare and unusual whisky (as opposed to just cheap) try:


If you are looking for whiskEy (ie Not Scottish) then Aldi have a Special gift pack of the three Clontarf whiskies in stackable 200ml bottles of Blended, Reserve and Single Malt for £17.99.
If however it was a misspelling and you wanted to know about whisky (ie Scottish) deals then there are the following that I am aware of:
Ardbeg 10 at £22.37
Highland Park 10 at £20.69
Glenlivet 18 at £26.64

Highland Park 12 at £19.38

Glenlivet Nadurra CS at £30
Lagavulin Distillers Edition at £39
Talisker Distillers Edition at £34
Abundh at £25
Caol Ila CS at £34
Springbank 10 £
Lagavulin 16 at £34
Laphroaig 10 at £20
Cragganmore at £23

The Glenlivet 12 at £15.99

Isle of Jura 10 at £16.99

Hope this helps

Asda also have singleton malt for £20.96 was £27 and I can confirm it's a nice dram I having one as I type this lol

Just got 10year, 1 litre,Single Malt, Glenmorangie Original, down from £37 to £18.49 per bottle.
If you don't see it on the shelves, just ask as they have over stocked on it at....................
Wait for it....................


Could be over by the 30/11 though.
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