Whistleblowing on employer?

    A female friend is witness to some disgusting, unclean actions by other staff of a national company, that customers would be horrified by, as it affects food and the environment its kept in. Shes been documenting it with a few photos etc. Has tried reporting it to manager but it just gets covered up and told shes being ridiculous and told shes imagining it or is just wrong.

    She thinking of whistleblowing to a newspaper, but doesn't want to loose her job or be sued etc.

    Any advice or comments?


    I would suggest taking it to the line managers manager, then whistleblowing. Contact the union if there is one, if not the citizens advice often provide good advice and representation depends on individual bureau. There is a London based national whistle blowers telephone line. I used it and it was very useful. My advice on whistleblowing is either blow big or not all.

    Stick to your principles but remember if your causing some of your colleagues to be sacked then be prepared for your work environment to deteriorate rapidly if they have friends still working there.

    avoid the press.....go to the industry regulator

    I would try this:…ing

    'Whistleblowing' by telling a newspaper isn't helpful, in my opinion, because their goal is to sell newspapers. What they print might be completely different from what you tell them, and that's where problems such as being sued may come from.

    Honestly though by this point, since she's already reported it more than once, if someone (whether it's an external investigator or the Big Boss) starts poking around the exact same thing, people on the ground are going to put two and two together. As a member of the public I hope she reports it, but at the same time I wouldn't be under any illusions that she probably won't want to work there for much longer afterwards.

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    If you're concerned about food safety - I'd skip the press and call Environmental Health...

    i would report to the people who issue the hygiene certificate for the employer to trade. i assume that they have this.

    Going to the press could result in gross misconduct it would fall under the lines of "bringing the company into disribute"

    i would contact higher management internally via letter/email documenting everything. If nothing has been done withina set timescale contact environmental health or the food standards agency. Speaking of the food standards agency, does the company involved have a food hygiene rating?
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