White Chocolate covered Oreo's

Found 3rd Sep 2008
I was in holiday in spain recent;y, and came acorss these...damn they are good. Anyway i brought some home but i'm fast running out, does anyone know anywhere that stocks these?

I live in glasgow if it helps

thanks in advance
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They sound amazing:O
they are.....but i only have 2 box's left.....
here's some Oreos to peruse, but I don't think they have white chocolate : cybercandy.co.uk/aaa…php

white choc wafer sticks (not normal oreos but worth a look): eBay Item number: 270172684735
I saw them in Farmfoods a while ago.

I saw them in Farmfoods a while ago.

:w00t: how long ago??
ooh didnt realise they did this version.
I buy these whenever I am in Tenerife, the chocolate is sooooo thick on them, they are scrummy. I'm drooling thinking about them.
I got these in spain as well, they are the best. I never even found them when I went to America
Anyone know if farmfoods do them then?
try ebay, they have banana, golden, and mint flavored one's
it might be worth asking the sellers if they can get hoold of any white chocolate ones:thumbsup:
They sell them in Selfridges in Birmingham - which is pretty far from Glasgow obviously, but not as far as spain....Probably more expensive than actually going to spain and buying them though.
Because Farmfoods has been mentioned.... does anyone know if you can still get Alphabites?
just a query.
Mmmmmmmmmmmm Alphabites!!!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm Alphabites!!!

:lol: i know, i really want some now ive mentioned it
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