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    hello!, its time to replace the kitchen and we're in need of some new appliances (broken or braking) so im looking at a new dishwasher washing machine and tumble dryer and was just wondering where the best place to go might be? ive read that theres a 10% managers discretion at currys and i thought buying all three might help.

    looking at bosch logixx was24466 (449.95), exxcel wte86304g (349.95) and exxcel sgs46e28g (349.95)

    not sure about del charges either. anyone that can suggest a better place to look or is this the best option?

    many thank you's to anyone choosing to pay attention to this


    John Lewis are good with warranties etc, tend to sell decent brands and I think they can price match etc (also often of vouchers etc on here).

    Dixons have that Bosch washing machine with 5% off code "DISC07" for £377 and the dishwasher using code "DISC10" for £289 (thats just according to google (searching for the product codes), you might find other vouchers etc on here)

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    aha, thats great they do seem to be cheaper. many thanks and rep added sir

    no probs, google is your friend ;-)

    (well, sometimes anyway...)

    have you tried as they have undercut currys and comet so you can save yourself a fair bit of money
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