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      Posted 15th Nov
      Hi. We moved into our house two years ago and needed to buy all new white goods. I bought from John Lewis as there were some good offers but mainly because of the warranty. Now those warranties are expiring and JL have sent me letters offering to extend the warranties for an extra 3 years for a fee.

      I’d appreciate it if someone knowledgeable can advise me on firstly if this is worth doing and also if I should stick with JL for this or is there a better and cheaper alternative.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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      IF and its a mighty big IF more warranties are taken out, then skip JL. They are agents only and a right shower when things go wrong according to friends who have had problems.

      Look at Which for advice and Domestic and General for policies. They underwrite most of these policies

      Now add up the premiums and look at how much it costs to replace each of your goods. If you are in the same boat as me, I concluded that if one device failed each year, I would still be better off self insuring.

      Find a local repair service and take a broken item down to them to save call out fees.
      You can get fixed cost repairs. Dishwasher was £110 with 6 months warranty if memory serves. Might have been 3 months warranty..Think your better off putting £15 PM in savings account for repairs.Jmo..
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      Setup a standing order to a saving account and if anything does go wrong use that money to repair or buy new put about £20-30 a month in. At £30 a month if not spent over 5 years you’d have £1,800, which could buy you all new appliances.

      Extended warranties are not worth while as there are large amounts of wear and tear/depreciation clauses in them which means they wriggle out of paying or end up asking for you to contribute to costs.

      Most parts for appliances you can buy cheaply and fit yourself from sites like espares.co.uk there’s also loads of videos on you tube of how to repair stuff too
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