White iphone 3gs casing cracking, Apple Genius's Are scum

Hi all, i took my iphone to apple today as i had noticed a crack near the docking connector and really tiny cracks on the bottom of the casing, theirs a small graze on the 1 corner. Apple supposed "genius" had a look over the phone then told me that the 1 side of the phone is slightly looser fited from front to back than the otherside and as a result they are certain i have dropped this considerably. I havent dropped this phone as its too expensive an item and yes it does have a small abrasion mark on the 1 corner. The so called genius told me that it would have to be a hell of a drop to make the casing come loose - it is barely noticeable that it is loose.

all in all what can i do now?
anyone else have cracks on their iphones?
the phone is not currently insured.


I have a very similar problem. I had a couple of black iPhones, and then went for a 16GB white one. It's been in a case since day one, with a screen protector, and it has several cracks. Most noticeably the one coming from the docking port, up the back of the phone. It's extremely annoying because I've looked after the phone carefully, it's not been dropped or abused, and like I said it's been in a protective case since the second I got it!

I keep meaning to try and get mine swapped..

Just ask for it to be swapped, they have done it before for build quality issues.


i thought this was manufacturing defect

edit: i see thyeve accused you of dropping it due to other inconsistencies

lifes tough sometimes

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yeh, 2 of their staff in cardiff decided that they suddenly had degrees in the physics of plastic, my iphone earphones had also failed and they didnt want to replace these at 1st unless i paid 180 quid for a replacement iphone, scum

I had a crack coming from the case... (if it is on it's own they wont replace it) so i took it into the genius bar, within 5 minutes they replaced it for me.

As long as you are in warranty you should be able to get a refurbished replacement.

However, if you aren't in warranty i'm sure you could say something like "why should i take out a 2 month contract if the phone doesn't even last half that time?!"

Also, they will ask you what pocket, etc you keep it in.. Just insist that you have never dropped it and never put it in the same pocket as anything else.


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the porter;8204659

take it up with apple cs they usually have a bit more clout

wont they just send me back to the genius bar?, im up for an argument either way lol


Do expensive items not fall?


Bit heavy with the thread title!

Apple's CS is normally excellent, can't think of a better tech company I'd rather deal with.

I just got my replacement from Apple store... Try another Apple store perhaps?

the porter;8204659

take it up with apple cs they usually have a bit more clout

When I called Apple customer service and explained the problem I had with the casing cracks they sent out a courier with a box I sent away the phone & they replaced it with a refurbished one :thumbsup:


wont they just send me back to the genius bar?, im up for an argument … wont they just send me back to the genius bar?, im up for an argument either way lol

They offer a courier service if it's still under guarantee

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cool, ill give them a ring tomorrow, and in regards to the title, these pair i dealt with were truly scum, they all thought they were in a gap advert or pop video, almost calling me a lier. if i pay hundreds of pounds for an item i expect it to stay together. i got a 3 year old n95 here which has been droped battered scratched and bruised, but the casing is all as 1

ive had the phone 8 monthsish so got 4 months left of warranty i believe.

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rang o2 to see if they can pause my account whilst i send it to applecare, and they said they will replace the phone instead, so all good.
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