White Knight WK427 Dryer - Starting Capacitor - HELP

Found 6th Mar 2009
Not sure if this is the right place to ask but may as well give it a go.

I have just took out the starting capacitor from my dryer as I think its faulty, there are four terminals on it and three leads were connected to it, blue brown and white. trouble is when I took it out I may have forgot which wires went in which terminal. I am 75% sure which ones goes where but I dont want to break the new one when I get it.

Also none of the terminals are marked in anyway, there is writing on the side so i may be able to go off that.

Does anyone know which wire should go where?
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Can you take some photos? Might help

Its likely an AC (non-polarized) capacitor so the brown and blue will connect to the main pair of terminals. I guess as there are 4 terminals there are probably 2-pairs (where each pair is possibly electrically connected) so there is a bit of danger of short-circuiting the mains - not a good idea! Where do you think the wires were connected?
the bent one, is where i believe the brown went, the one to the right of it blue and the one under the bent one is where I think the white goes
i will ask the guy in the spares shop but he is sometimes as useful as a chocolate teapot
Umm, have you tried contacting White Knight. I had one of their dryers years ago and needed to contact their customer service department. The young lady who dealt with my enquiry was very helpful. Of course, things might have changed since then, but you never know.
Got the spare part this morning and fitted it and it works fine, thanks for your help
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