White Laptops - Do they get filthy?

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Found 12th Jul 2009
Ordering a netbook now & like the look of the White NC10. Having never owned one before, do they get mucky easily? It will mainly be used indoors but occasionally out doors too.

If they do I will go for the black one.


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Mine is white and looks clean, dont really wipe it or anything


depends if youve got grubby fingers

and what you're doing whilst online...

eating can be awful

My wife has a white one and it's fine. My blue one shows up fingerprintes more.

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Cheers for the replies, just had a vision of it getting marked easily & looking horrible haha! Will order the White one, will match the things in my room more too haha!

My wife has a white one - since Xmas and its fine. I use a glass cleaning microfibre cloth for the screen but the rest just seems to stay clean. Gets a lot of use.

I have the nc10 in white and it doesnt get that dirty just a quick wipe over and it done

I have a white one.......very clean and new looking

I have a white one - and it doesn't mark easily
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