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White marks on edges of black shirt after washing/ ironing? Any ideas?

Posted 16th Apr 2014
Hi all,

So, I bought 2 lovely new dress shirts, both in black and both identical. I must have used them for only a couple of months - and I've recently noticed that the edges of the collar tips, sleeve, seams fading a lot and almost resembling a pale grey/ white sheen which obviously is very unappealing. It makes the shirts look like they've been used for about 3 years let only 2 months.

I ask if anyone knows of this issue, or how I can prevent it? I am washing on 30 degrees and ironing as normal.

It has happened also to my expensive Paul Smith black jeans, all the tips, edges, fly - have faded almost white in appearance which looks really off putting.
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It might help if you wash AND iron them inside out.
if you are in a hard water area it could ne limescale

if so a very long soak in lemon juice should remove it vinegar is better but then you to get rid off the smell!!
white vinegar does not smell if you put it on clothes before washing in machine and yes ironing inside out will help
Move to Scotland, we don't get limescale, our water is soft. CAN imagine what others will say!!!!!
Use a washing powder/liquid for colours only. Also if you soak your colours in salted water when you first buy them, it should stop things like this occurring.
It sounds as if the dye has just faded a bit. Using powder or liquid for colours and washing inside out etc. might help a little but I've found the best thing is to pop them in with a washing machine dye ever now and then. Dylon do a black machine liquid dye in a pouch called Wash & Dye, or they do a standard washing machine dye. The first is easy-peasy to use; I've used it on my son's black jeans and jogging bottoms with excellent results
Thanks everyone
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