White or Silver 144hz or above Monitor

Found 12th Jan
Reaching out to the HUKD community here to see if anyone has ever come across a white or silver 144hz or above monitor? I can not find one for the life of me online.
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According to PCPartpicker, the only one to have been made in recent years is the QX3218R, but that appears to have been delisted everywhere. Your best bets now are probably unbranded Korean panels from eBay, spraypaint, or imagination.
PCPartpicker's listings always have large numbers of omissions, so not having one listed on there doesn't mean much.

BenQ EX3200R springs to mind, although it's mostly silver rather than entirely. 33048722-MrOnl.jpg33048722-MKe0s.jpg
It's FHD and 31.5", so not ideal if your desk doesn't have much depth to it. It's also got a black surround to the actual picture.
Just wrap it in duct tape
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I don’t mind silver...any other silver but smaller screen options you know of?
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