White paint recommendation?

Posted 7th Oct

I am looking for some white paint to paint bedrooms all in white.
One of the bedroom is a mate mauve/pink colour so would need one that covers that colour really well.

Any suggestion please ?
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Assuming you want a white white rather than an off white, you can't go wrong with Dulux trade paints, they cover very well over coloured paint.
As above Dulux trade is the way to go. It is expensive for a reason, it works. You will save time and money in the long run. diy.com/dep…prd shop around you might get it around £40 also you can join the B+Q club and get £5 off this
Valspar base coat. Then valspar trade brilliant white over the top as an alternative to other posts. I'll be doing this myself in a few weeks over dark red
i was recommended crown by the decorator. not sure if it is any good. i always buy dulux myself but that is just habit and nothing more.
Johnstones covaplus
Dulux trade diamond mat finish in any off white colour. They are expensive but you can wipe off any marks with water. Get it from a good specialist shop or Dulux decorative centers . Would not recommend brilliant white as it is too bright for bedrooms.
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+1 for Dulux trade. Anything under £40 per 10litres is a good deal. I would be aiming closer to £30 per litre
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