White Screen Of Death on k800i

    app its a common error with sony erricsons - i have a k800i and i have searched the forums for the fix for this, tried sing the Wotanserver and paid £5 for a credit..... it then crashed and i lost my credit and it did nothing, there is no proper support for it (or i cant find it). can aynbody tell me exactly how to fix it or if not a free way of doing it?

    thanks for your time


    Send it back to Sony Ericsson. Get the number off their website. Takes around 10 Days

    If you have proof of purchase, it's free :thumbsup:

    Have you installed any new software on it?

    I was going to buy this phone too!
    Now I have a dilemma, never heard of this fault before!

    I had the same problem tried fixing it etc got confused and sold it on ebay.

    Never had a problem with any of my Sony Erricsson phones . Heck i've even dropped my K800 a few times and it's still going strong .
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