White Spot disease advice needed

    got a few fish in a medium size fish tank which we are preparing for the pond but yesterday the whole lot are covered in white spots and after checking out some info on the internet , it turns out to be a parasite called white spot which burrow under the fish' skin until they hatch their eggs and the only way to destroy the parasite is to wait until they hatch then add salt to the water ?

    anyone got any advice on how to kill the parasite any quicker as the parasite are making the fish very uncomfortable.


    husband deals with the fish in our house.....usually when they get white spots its cos they are stressed..he buys a destress thingy from pets at home

    you can get white spot treatment from pet shops. i had to treat our trops recently, when a new fish brought it in.


    Boiling the water kills white spot

    And a steady hand, SIMPLES!

    batter and add chips
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