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    If I was to stick up lots of papers on the wall using white tac I was wondering if it would stain if I used little amounts. also is it worse on wallpaper or what? thanks

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    Blu Tac in my experience leaves stains on wallpaper and is a pain to get off after it's been there a while. So much so that it usually takes away the paper before it leaves go. I've not used the white stuff in years so I can't say but as far as I understood it's just the blue version without colouring. Google seems to support that view that even the 'non staining' variety leaves marks.…ing

    It's much better than blu tac, but can still stain.

    Source: my old university bedroom

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    Thanks is the stain obvious does it catch the eye?

    it will leave a mark. why not buy a pin board to pin all your stuff on, or are you looking to decorate your wall with random paper?

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    Revision etc. mindmaps all sorts tbh timetables

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    Would it stain wallpaper though? as bad as paint

    Use the sticky glue dots

    Why not stick them to a door instead, or something like a wardrobe door? White or blue tack should be ok. Alternatively, if you have a fridge or something similar near to where you want them to be, why not try magnets?


    Would it stain wallpaper though? as bad as paint

    no difference unless your wall paper is vinyl like finish possibly.

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    Okay thanks everyone
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