White vinegar or non-brewed condiment?

Posted 10th Sep 2015
Basically what is the difference?

I'm in the process of wanting to buy white vinegar (or something similar) mainly for use for body/feet cleaning and also for other home uses such as clearing drain blockages, wiping sinks, windows, etc. Not looking to use it for food at all.

I am confused as to which to buy as I've come across a few deals for non-brewed condiment that are in large quantities (5 litres, which cannot be found in local superstores). I wanted to know if this will be ok for what I want it for? Or do I need to buy the brewed kind of white vinegar?

I already have my 70% isopropyl alcohol and baking soda at the ready, but just need the right vinegar to complete my home-remedy cleaning package. Not looking for that brown, malted vinegar stuff. Just the basic stuff to do what I want it to.
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