Whitebait .... where to find ?

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Found 12th Sep 2009
*Whitebait is inch long young Herrings or Sprats.

Frozen or fresh I mean.

Thank you !

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when i read the title i thought you were going on the pull tonight

Not got a fishmongers near you ? :?

Don't know but its rank:o

whitebait deep fried in tempura batter! YUM!

have you tried morrisons or asda ?

the sea?


see it in tesco every now and then:thumbsup:


lovely coated in a bit of flour and fried with a squeeze of lemon!

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thanks .... I see .... only delivery .... overprice :oops:

I love good whitebait. Waitrose might buy it in for you if you ask nicely at the fish counter, they have ordered in certain things for me before no problem.
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